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NAINA GARG( B.A.LL.B -3rd year), Lovely Professional University

There are feminists and then there are the pseudo-feminists. Pseudo-feminism holds that either women deserve more respect or people of other sexes do not. The most tragic aspect of living in a society where there are so many challenges for women to overcome on a daily basis is that some people misunderstand feminism. Due to the lack of feminism awareness on social media, many users end up being pseudo-feminists. Do pseudofeminists genuinely want equality? No, they want to create a world where women are the only ones in power. Will a woman be able to conduct crimes without being caught? On social media, feminists advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women they see as deserving of it. They will criticise a woman like a politician if she is their weaker sister or wife, but they will stand for a woman who opposes the same politician. Pseudofeminism and hypocrisy clash in this situation.

It is merely about freedom; feminism is not about condemnation. Women who comprehend feminism avoid donning feminist lapel buttons. These are the people who support their companion's decision to work in the sector and who want their daughter to receive a good education. While some women would rather focus on taking care of their homes and children than working, others would prefer to feed their spouses. They have the autonomy to make their own decisions, so they are not your property.

The globe is making considerable development in the twenty-first century. Human invention, science, and technology are being replaced. These days, equality, gender rights, and universal justice are fundamentally altering how we view humanity. In the age-old conflict between the sexes, we still debate whether men or women are superior, and recent events and incidents have made things worse. I'm curious about the current debate and the idea of feminism. By all accounts, every civil male comprehends and totally embraces feminism. The transformation is happening right in front of us, and this generation is aware of all the issues and certain that women are at least as excellent as men. The glass ceiling was broken and destroyed by the presence of female presidents, prime ministers, and chief executives all over the world.

People like Harvey Weinstein and US President Donald John Trump, who have behaved like bullies while in positions of authority and are responsible for murdering a woman's soul even while she is still alive, haven't helped the cause of the wonderful guys. But there are millions of guys who admire them, regard them as role models, and are in favour of justice and equality for all people, including Weinstein and Trump. Just because guys don't shout about the #MeToo movement from the rooftops doesn't make them twisted or evil. In addition to continuing to fight for right causes like women's suffrage, many honourable men will give their life in order to defend a woman's honour. There is still life on Earth. We generalise all men as some type of animal that pounces and injures women's dignity in this day and age where male-bashing is considered as the norm. We all acknowledge that our culture isn't completely fair and equal and has historically favoured the other sex, therefore it's time to get to work and make the required changes.

As we all know, feminist discourse is a crucial part of the social media experience. No of their level of knowledge or skill, everyone is free to express and passionately defend an opinion. If you aren't repeating this week's performance of The Right Thing, you are merely acting it up for the clout. Branding those who deviate from the norm as "evil" or "pseudo-feminists" thus accounts for a substantial amount of contemporary virtue-based online behaviour.

The Blush Channel sketch "Fake Feminists Be Like" should be taken quite seriously. It begins by defining a pseudo-feminist and showing how these women have overlooked equality as feminism's primary objective (spoiler alert!). A list of randomly chosen hyper-pantomimed feminist clichés is then delivered as the sketch continues. There are anonymous women who harbour animosity, jargon-loving women, women who let males foot the bill, activists who only engage online.

There are, of course, further justifications as well for labelling someone a pseudo-feminist. For the more conservative types, who are pretty similar to those who dominated my previous mentions, the pseudo-feminism argument is a fun way to quiet women. Outright sexism is no longer fashionable, but subtly substituting feminism's watered-down, twisted "terms" for traditional traits is still in vogue. Effective as well, given the continued expectation that women will slyly pursue social acceptance.


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