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Call for Legal Articles - Ebook Publication Opportunity with ISBN!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

📗 Call for Legal Articles - Ebook Publication Opportunity with ISBN! 📚

Are you a legal expert passionate about sharing your insights and knowledge with a global audience? Seize the opportunity to contribute to our upcoming eBook and gain recognition with very own ISBN! by YourLawArticle (

🔖 Name of eBook : "From Pages to Pixels: A Modern Article Compilation"

You can also publish your article on the website of YourLawArticle and get a publication certificate.

Why Contribute?

1. Global Reach: Your expertise will be showcased worldwide through our ebook distribution.

2. Credibility: Each article will receive a unique ISBN, adding credibility to your work.

3. Networking: Connect with fellow legal professionals and expand your professional network.

4. Publication Excellence: Be part of a collection that prioritizes quality and excellence in legal literature.

Publication certificate will also be provided with the ISBN no.

📜 Submission Guidelines:

- Theme: Open to various legal topics, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives.

- Format: Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman , Font 12 , Line spacing 1.5 with citation in APA format, ensuring clarity and professionalism.

- Length: Articles should be between 1500- 3000 words.

- Deadline: Submissions accepted until 01.01.2024.

How to Submit:

Fill the google form

Submission fees : Rupees 300 ( Required to be submitted after confirmation )

📔 Publication Highlights:

- ISBN Assignment:

- Author Recognition: Your name and bio will be prominently featured alongside your article.

- Distribution Channels: The eBook will be available on major platforms, ensuring wide accessibility.

📅 Important Dates:

- Submission Deadline: 01.01.2024

- Publication Date: 15th January 2024

Don't miss this chance to contribute to a distinguished legal publication! For inquiries and submissions, contact us at

🔗 Connect with us online:

- Social Media:

Unlock the doors to legal excellence - Your expertise deserves to be shared globally!

Write what you assert !!!

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